Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Picture This

I'm excusing myself from the actual prompt today because I don't have time to write a prompt response and introduce the month of September. I figure September as a whole is more important than just September 1st.

Anyway, it's September and I'm back in school. I wanted to do a theme for this month because that hasn't really happened yet so I was thinking about it in class (I know, I know, tsk, tsk) and I came up with nothing. I began reading the Iliad for my Classics of Western Literature class though and it kind of hit me. The imagery in the Iliad is astounding and engaging to me (I LOVE this book) and what goes better with school than a healthy dose of daydreams? Nada, exactly.

That being said, September is "Picture This" month. The prompts will include pictures sometimes (sometimes the prompt will be about a picture) but the big key is imagery. I'm hoping this will be a useful month when it comes to honing descriptive skills without making a scene too flowery. I will not be able to complete the Weather Forecast tonight (as I haven't officially started yet), but I will be putting it up as soon as I can (hopefully tomorrow evening, but if not it should be up by Saturday afternoon).

Welcome to September 2010 - may you all be filled with vivid, writable dreams.

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