Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Picture This" Month - Remember

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Response: Remember

It was a moment, a little instant, but it somehow caught in his memory, the way a hangnail snags on a loose thread. It had become magnified over time. He knew that her eyes had not been quite so expressive or so close to tears. He knew that she had not been quite so pale, with her freckles standing out quite so vividly. He knew that she had not turned back to look at him before she started crying. But that was how he remembered it.

He remembered his voice - raised to a yell - hanging in the air. He remembered that she had turned away after he finished and then she was gone.

He should not have yelled - it was not her fault. He could not even remember anymore why he had been so angry.

But he remembered her face in minute, painful detail.

Notes: Holy moley, September is just about ended - on to October. The weather forecast should be up on/by Sunday.

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