Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21, 2010, "Picture This" Month - I'm a Big Kid Now

Prompt: Describe a circus from the perspective of a child.

Source: None.

Response: I'm a Big Kid Now

Squeezing her fingers so she won't let go. Her hands get all sticky from mine. Mine got all sticky from the cotton candy - guess I didn't lick it all up like I thought. She pulls her hand away and says gross. She calls me twit and walks away.

I feel scared - there are so many people, all pressing close. Running to catch her up - I don't want to be alone.

It's so loud and I want to be excited but I'm scared. I catch up, but I don't reach for her hand. I know she'll just tell me to knock it off.

I sit next to her, though, on the bench.

I jump when the clown's face appears next to mine. I scream and she laughs. I want to burst into tears, but I bite my lip and then laugh. I don't want to look like a little kid.

Notes: This is written in stream of consciousness form . . . And is 28 minutes late. Fun stuff.

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