Sunday, August 8, 2010

August 11, 2010 - Freewrite

Prompt: Freewrite for five minutes.

Source: None. For instructions on freewriting go to


sleep breathe hurting inside outside breathe in breathe out tapping oils healing and fixing correction imperfection incorrect wrong bad imperfect wrong bad failure fail epic fail can't stop stop can't recant recall remember writing freewriting gifts and curses and halloween whales harpoon Moby "how do I taste, Moby?" little fish short term memory loss what? what am I doing, I forgot forget-me-not tie a string on your finger look at the time little reminders magnet fridge alphabet magnets alphabet soup little kids messy adorable blond big cheeks chubby cute little girl clothes flowers and hearts and miley EW! over-done over-the-top untalented everywhere too much overload overkill

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