Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weather Forecast: August 2010

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! August is here. In case you hadn't noticed yet . . . It has definitely arrived. So, I'm in a bit of a slump and stressed as all get out, trying to get ready to get out of my parents' house in less than a month and sail away to college . . . So yeah, that's my excuse for whatever is currently going down.

Moving on . . . here's the weather forecast for August:

August 1 - Room for ghosts.

August 2 - Magic trick gone wrong.

August 3 - Secretly cutting someone else's hair.

August 4 - Write a scene or short story starting with this sentence: Heavy white snowflakes dropped to the ground like silent bombs trying to destroy my plans.

August 5 - Decorated.

August 6 - Dragons

August 7 - Begin a story with "There was once a chance I didn't take."

August 8 - Look around the room and pick an object. Write one paragraph describing the object in full detail and a second paragraph explaining where it came from.

August 9 - Create a character that has an unusual phobia. Write a scene that causes that character to face his fear.

August 10 - Write about a boycott.

August 11 - Freewrite for five minutes.

August 12 - Write a love story with a grove of trees as the setting

August 13 - Dark embarrassment toll.

August 14 - One Word Week: Warmth

August 15 - One Word Week: Tapestry

August 16 - One Word Week: Sonorous

August 17 - One Word Week: Cobalt

August 18 - One Word Week: Aquarius

August 19 - One Word Week: Marvel

August 20 - One Word Week: Write a piece that combines all of the words for the week.

August 21 - Déjà Vu Week: Use the first and last lines of a poem you have already written as dialogue in a story.

August 22 - Déjà Vu Week: Write a poem from the perspective of a character you have already written.

August 23 - Déjà Vu Week: Use a line from your favorite song as well as one from your favorite book in a story.

August 24 - Déjà Vu Week: Write a crossover between two stories you have already written.

August 25 - Déjà Vu Week: Change the physical apperance of a character you have already created completely and write an introduction to them.

August 26 - Déjà Vu Week: Write the murder of someone else's character - have your own character kill them.

August 27 - Déjà Vu Week: Write a poem that contains at least two phrases from a piece written previously.

August 28 - He turned the key in the lock and opened the door. To his horror, he saw…

August 29 - Write the word "remember" three times. Then write whatever the word brings to mind.

August 30 - Write a character you know nothing about. If you grew up in the big city, write as a farm hand. If you grew up on a farm or small town all your life, write about an army brat who was raised living in dozens of towns, going to different schools each year. Are you a stay-at-home, married mom? Write as a single woman making it big in the big apple. If you’re a successful businessman, write as a prison inmate who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.

August 31 - Write a poem that evokes the sensations of one or more of the five senses without using nouns or verbs that are directly related to the senses themselves. Think about how the word “boom” tickles your ears just a little bit and you’ll get the idea. Examples of words to avoid: smell, scent, aroma, odor, taste, touch, feel, sight, see, view, hear, listen, etc.

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