Thursday, August 26, 2010

Déjà Vu Week: My Angel

Prompt: Write the murder of someone else's character - have your own character kill them.

Source: None

Response: My Angel

In the lair of the demon, she sits

pensively waiting for her chance.

Still as masonry

she watches his body laying unmoving . . .

she curls close to him body conforming

and whispers

Sleep My Angel. Sleep.

Notes: I'll admit it - this is a cop-out. The character is an unnamed woman from a poem that you can read here: The man/prince is Jase from The Mortal Instruments series (a really twisted version of him who kidnapped this girl - hence the killing of him that is about to take place). This is a perfect example of why I don't write fanfiction. It's hard and unrewarding. Ugh.

And I almost forgot - yesterday's response was a makeover of Fabian from Guardians (


  1. I'm reading the first book- Jace is something else...

  2. It's a decent series - not one of my favorites, but not a bad quick read. I do like Jace (though I like Alec better), but he is nothing like this portrays him as.