Friday, August 20, 2010

One Word Week: Finale

Prompt:Write a piece that combines all of the words for the week. Here they are again: warmth, tapestry, sonorous, cobalt, Aquarius, and marvel.


The wind whistled over the tiny island, shaking the precarious houses and villagers that occupied it. The bright Aquarius constellation hung overhead, steady above the churning sea and shivering landscape.

Jaiyi huddled in her house, not quite touching the walls. The walls were shaking. The building was devoid of warmth - it had been sucked out when the wind storm had begun hours ago. Over the sound of the winds she could hear them distantly. The sonorous chants that shaped the winds and waves higher floated in over the island. Jaiyi knew that she was the only one who could hear the voices of the sirens. It made the haunting sound all the worse.

The first time she had heard it she was cleaning a cobalt idol in the shape of a lovely finned woman in the sirens' shrine as had been her family's duty for three generations. She had marveled at the beautiful voices weaving in intricate tapestry until she had realized what they were saying. The voices told the ocean to destroy the docks, to crash the fishers' boats. The song spoke of raising the winds to destroy the island's crops and to send disease throughout the island's people. At the end of the mantra, Jaiyi had heard them laugh.

So as the wind howled around her and the sirens sang, she huddled in her shack, praying that they would go away.

Notes: It's my little sister's birthday today - she's 14 (holy cow . . .) - so I guess this is for her. Though if she doesn't want it, I won't hold a grudge if she returns it LOL.

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