Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Word Week: Cobalt

Prompt: Cobalt.

Source: None.


He licked the tip of his finger and pressed it into the cobalt powder, tasting it. It was so vibrant a color that it looked fake - artificially created.

The blue dust was almost tasteless, but it left a bitter tang on his tongue.

He looked around the room from his crouch. The powder was everywhere, filling bottles and vases, spilled across a table and dusting the tops of velvet boxes. It gave an eerie feeling to the place. What kind of magician or scientist created only one substance?

He was still mulling over when he was forced to put a hand on the cobbled floor to steady himself. He thought to himself that he should have stocked more water in his pack. A moment after the thought, he was sprawled on the floor, still as death.

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