Saturday, August 14, 2010

One Word Week: Warmth

Prompt: Warmth


I touched the flame and felt it breathing. As it shifted, lapping at my skin, I heard it sigh. The sound was as once contented and forlorn. I thrust my hands deeper into the blaze and the fire sang in my soul - a crackling, cackling cacophony. It flowed over me and through me until it was all about me. Its warmth penetrated to my bones making them ache.

Then the fire commanded conquest, demanded an addition to its domain. So I turned toward the boy and let the fire flow from me to claim him.

Notes: Since I have already confessed to being a major nerd, it gives me only a little twinge of childishness to admit that I've been watching Avatar like a mad-girl the last few days (and, no, I don't mean the Avatar with the blue people - I mean the anime Avatar with epic element battles and stupid jokes and overly dramatic music . . . and a flying lemur). I think that pastime played a role in this response . . . I'm all for fire-bending (well, and water-bending and flying is awesome so I guess air-bending, too . . .).

Anyway, I saw the One Word Week as a combined prompt and I loved the idea. Six of the prompts are similar and then the last prompt does something fun with them (if you want to spoil the surprise, feel free to visit the weather forecast on the blog -

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