Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Perfect Night

Prompt: Decorated.


Response: The Perfect Night

Pearl lights swayed in the gentle ocean breeze. Their light cast the shapes of the tree leaves onto the ground in dappled swaths.

Amelia closed her eyes, shutting out the understated finery for a peaceful moment. She could hear the tinkling of the angel waterfall and the lilting whispers of her guests.

The garden was beautiful to the senses. The pearl lights set the rose garden and fountains off to an ethereal perfection. The fountains provided a low accompaniment to the bell players in the trees. And the air was filled with the scent, and indeed, the taste of the refined lemon zest tea.

Amelia stood and pulled her wrap a little closer against the night chill. It was perfect - the perfect night for romance or intrigue. Amelia smiled slightly. It was even the perfect night for murder.

Notes: I kind of like this as a setting . . . I may be expanding it later.

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