Friday, August 13, 2010

No One Else Ever Needs to Know

Prompt: Dark embarrassment toll.


Response: No One Else Ever Needs to Know

He leaned close. His eyes shone was a malicious glint, but he smiled in a calculated, reassuring way. "This is how it works, simple really, very simple. You have a dark embarrassment - a secret no one else can ever know - and I know it. That's bad enough, isn't it? Knowing that I know your dark embarrassment. Think about how much more horrible it would be if someone else were to find out."

I gritted my teeth, mostly to stop myself from shaking. "Are you threatening me."

"No," he sounded shocked at the very idea, but his smile widened. "I'm not threatening you - just think about it. If you let me, I can protect you. No one else ever needs to know what I know about you. Your dark embarrassment can just disappear."

"I don't trust you - you've given me no reason to."

His breath smelled of jalapenos and stale liquor. "Think of it like a toll - you pay and I provide a service - a business transaction. No one else ever needs to hear about it. "

I bit my lip and cursed him.

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