Saturday, August 7, 2010

August 6, 2010 - Psalm

Prompt: Dragons

Source: None.

Response: Psalm

Stand with me, for I am surrounded by a multitude of faceless dragons. Not those of fire and scales, but taunting specters and malicious gargoyles.

They have no faces, no accountability to me, for to them I am also faceless. They bite and snap, blowing sparks down my throat, trying to drown me. And I feel the heat of their breath.

Light a fire within me that cannot be doused. Make their water as kerosene that when they use it against me it will light me in a glorious blaze. Let my sword grow sharp. Let me cut my teeth on precious stones. Make me strong in your sight and strength.

Stand with me, that my steps will not waver. Preserve me and bring me through the fire as tempered glass for I am surrounded by faceless foes.

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