Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 2, 2010 - A Magician Never Reveals Her Secrets

Prompt: Magic trick gone wrong.

Source: None.

Response: A Magician Never Reveals Her Secrets

I tried to make cards appear from

behind your ear

and scarves

from your deep dark pockets

but they disintegrated in

my fingertips and flowed out. Between them

like grains of sand.

I tried to saw you in

half, to cleave you in two

but the illusion was faint

and the blades too dull

to truly. Cut through

your clothes and flesh.

I put you in a vanishing

cabinet and waved my arms

and said the words

and pranced about the room

and filled the room with fog

and pulled the trapdoor lever.

But no matter how hard I cried

I could not make you disappear.

So I tied myself with scarves and buried

myself in cards and stuck me with a saw.

Let myself in the cabinet and.

Made myself disappear instead.

Notes: Ok, here's the thing. I should do a penance because I didn't post yesterday, but I'm excusing myself. Here's why: I had this response written yesterday, but I could not get onto the internet because the settings were wrong on my computer (a problem which has since been remedied) to post it. If it makes it any better, I also have a math placement test to complete that is late because of my internet problems.

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