Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 24, 2010 - Penance: Moving Target

Prompt: Write a scene in which one of your characters experiences something new and "foreign" to them.

Source: None.

Response: Moving Target

Felis looked down at the boy. His light hair was shining in the sharp ocean sunlight as he strode down the dock. Felis set him in his sights. It would be simple - a clean shot and a clean escape.

He pulled his bowstring back. And paused.

The boy was not even an obstacle to their plan and killing him would make things only slightly more convenient. The realization hit him in the chest. His hands relaxed.

Felis watched for a moment more before raising the bow again, the place for weak compassionate moments had passed.

Notes: So I wanted to do something in the spirit of Déjà Vu Week so yeah . . . This character is from The Plague Master (which will have a new chapter up soon, I promise).

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