Saturday, May 1, 2010

Anchors Away - Take Two

Well, I guess the best way to start a new endeavor is by learning something new. Did you know that if you save a blog post as a draft, it doesn't matter what day you actually publish the post on - the date will stay the same as the day you first created it? I sure didn't have even the vaguest inkling of that fact until a few minutes ago.

Hopefully the problem has been remedied and - as I swallow my trodden-upon ego - I can imagine that my face as I tried to figure out why my May 1st post was filed under April 6 was highly amusing.

Now that I have tackled that important life lesson, I think I'll try this one more time before heading off to bed: Happy May, everyone! And now that our anchor is no longer lodged in the silt, we may officially begin our voyage (cue champagne bottle smashing and cheering and band music and assorted other frivolity).

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