Thursday, May 6, 2010

Idea - Competition Day

If I can get at least two people who are interested I really would like to have a competition prompt once a month. Anyone who wants to should still feel free to post a response to any prompt at any time and in whatever genre or length they would like, but I'd love to have one prompt every month that is a little more "required" (so-to-speak). So far I haven't had any responses (and it's only the sixth day so it's not surprising), but I would love to get some.

The competition prompts would require a little more effort than every day prompts. They would be judged on creativity - not writing skill - and the winners would get . . . something (a certificate good for a story, virtual cookies, something). I'm not even sure if anyone is reading, but if you are, what do you think? I want to shoot for the 13th of every month.

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