Sunday, May 30, 2010


Prompt: Complete the statement "I'd walk a mile for a ________" and continue writing on it.


Response: "I'd walk a mile for a piece of chocolate." The young noble threw out his chest proudly for, though he was begging for sweeties, he was proclaiming himself both fit and responsible enough not to be dependent on others for them.

"Really?" His governess smiled, not entirely certain her young charge had any grasp on how long a mile was though whether its actual length was longer or shorter than his estimate she could not tell. "For a single piece?"

"I would, on my honor."

"And what would you do for a whole bar?"

The child's eyes widened as though he had caught a glimpse of what lay beyond heaven's gates. "How big is an entire bar?" His voice was breathless, thick with the instinctual salivation of a child contemplating a treat beyond imagination.

The governess smiled deviously and held her hands shoulder-width apart. "This big."

The little boy's gaze went from one of her hands to the other before he looked up into her eyes. "I would walk the width of my father's kingdom."

"You know," she responded, leaning companionably close. "I believe that I would too."

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