Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top 15 Ways I'd Rather Not Die

Prompt: Death. Write about it.

Source: None

Response: Top 15 Ways I'd Rather Not Die

15. Dropped in a vat of taffy.

14. Buried alive.

13. Stabbed and left to bleed to death.

12. Radiation poisoning (particularly close to a nuclear explosion).

11. Electric shock.

10. Being stoned (either having stones chucked at you or having them put on top of you).

9. Being drawn and quartered.

8. Locked in Syndrome + Being an organ and tissue donor.

7. Botched amateur lobotomy.

6. Crucifixion.

5. Eaten by pigs (or rats).

4. Drowning (especially in the ocean).

3. Burned to death at the stake.

2. Blasted apart by shrapnel.

1. Skinned to death with a cheese grater.

Notes: I'd like to thank AnnPoole for being the first person to post a response to one of my prompts. I was going to dedicate this post to her, but somehow that felt inappropriate so I'll just say, "Thanks, Ann!"

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