Friday, May 28, 2010

The Questioning

Prompt: Address the poem to the reader.


Response: The Questioning

If you were to read like a blind hand

fingers tracing the shape and form

the contour of my language - the figure of my words

could I help the meaning pass to you - into you - like

vision to one who has always been blind?

If you were to read like a child

sounding out syllables to create the song

the simple story of my writing - the truth hidden in my nonsense

could I help the shaping of your life - your story - like

the profound poets of old?

If you were to read like a gentle breeze

listlessly lifting the cadence of the rhythm

the music of composing - the depth of lyric lines

could I help the sharpness of your mind - your imagination - like

the wind whispers to the tree boughs?

And if I

If I could write like a prayer

words building in strength and meaning

the praise to deity - the elation of worship

could you see like blind, lift like child, touch like wind, my words - my lines - like

the absolution of a heavenly being?

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