Saturday, May 22, 2010

Eegan's Grin

Prompt: Use the word tenebrous (adj: dark, gloomy) in a sentence. (Up to five sentences)


Response: The atmosphere hung heavy, tenebrous - suffocating and dense. But the whirring in my veins was electrifying. My skin prickled in the darkness - practically buzzing with excitement and caffeine. Unconsciously, my eyes followed every tiny movement in the solemn night. I couldn't keep a grin off my mouth - a scary, crazy, leering grin.

Notes: This is written from the perspective of my lovely Eegan Becker (the main character in my The Skin You're In project - It's a sneak peek for the upcoming chapter ("Human Hunting") which should be up soon. Eegan is one of my favorite characters ever. Period.

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