Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Freaking Thing

Prompt: Why did you do it?

Source: Imagination Prompt Generator

Response: The Freaking Thing

I admit it - I did it -

I put it off until the last day and now

I'm stuck writing this paper

tonight . . . hopefully . . . maybe.

But you see

the dishes weren't done

and the clothes weren't washed.

Posters had to be made

and other homework had to be done.

My prompt response wasn't written and

I had to make a birthday cake.

The house was disgusting and my grandparents were coming

and I had to write a Sunday school lesson.

So I loaded the dishwasher and folded the clothes.

I hand-drew big posters until my back ached and

my other homework (kinda) got worked on.

I'm working on my prompt obligation and the birthday cake volcano was a

smash hit. The house is clean

and the grandparents are here and I'm prepared to teach.

Now I'm gonna stay up until 4 AM

and write this freaking thing.

Notes: I'm very overwhelmed, yes I am. I didn't actually do any laundry today and my mom actually made the birthday cake (call it literary licence), but yeah, I'm overwhelmed.

This poem has uneven margins (and therefore looks way cooler) in the project. Just FYI.

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