Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Checkerboard Feeling

Prompt: Checkerboard

Source: None

Response: The Checkerboard Feeling

the black and white

the white and black






the red and black

the black and red

the thistle and the rose

the louse and the house cat

the lemon and the jaguar

the small and great

the sane and infirm

up and down

the mountains and stars above the puny mortals

checkerboard emotions

child and cockatrice



the gray and blue

the blue and gray



the red and yellow and purple and orange

turned black and white and backward





- - - - - - - - -

king to rook

pawn to queen

knight to H3

bishop to pawn

queen of hearts over F1 F2 F3

pawn to pawn

queen to knight - knock him dead, lazy brute -



rook to bishop

soldiers to me

pawn to C4

rook to raven

mate to check

rabbit in a hat - saw it in half -

the black and white

the white and black

. . . Why don't you flippin'

King Me?

Notes: Yes, I'm still stressed - hence the extraordinarily early update. I have committed to work on one thing and one thing only the whole rest of today. And I know this poem makes absolutely no sense unless you live in my brain (which, fortunately for you, you don't) and even then it makes little sense, but I kind of like it - it suits my unidentifiable mood . . . and inability to win at chess (and curiosity as to why chess is played on a checkerboard . . . well, a checked board).

No margin problems with this one. And my most profound apologies for the recent plethora of poetry (my poems are somewhat of an acquired taste), but poetry has been the medium most suited to me recently . . . I have no excuse whatsoever for that.

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