Sunday, May 9, 2010


Prompt: The bottom of a frozen lake. White light glows through the sheet of ice above. Shadows of people crisscross over a small but expanding crack.

Source: 911 Writer's Block Tool

Response: Icing

Crackling, cracking,

the deafening sound of the defining shattering

high above in the pale white -

deep in sleep

deep in die

ice crackling, cracking,

under the pressured scampering of pressured feet.

Floating, flying,

the cold azure feeling of the surrounding collapsing

deep beneath the pale white -

deep in slept

deep in death

body sailing, sweeping,

beneath the sky fracturing of fractured skies.

Notes: Well, holidays and lack of views complicate this project, but at least I'm over the one-week hump. Happy Mothers' Day - tell your mother and grandmother(s) you love them. After all, without them you wouldn't exist - they did bring you into this world (and they haven't yet taken you out of it . . .).

Also, this poem actually does have straight margins so there is no need to check out the accompanying project entry for this one.

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