Thursday, May 27, 2010

Regarding May 26th (Includes: One Belated Prompt, an Apology and an Excuse)

Hello World.

If you are reading (or will be reading some time months from now) I should warn you that I should have known that this would happen at least once eventually, but I didn't and so I am somewhat unprepared.

I write most of my prompt responses on the companion project and copy+paste to the blog (for the simple reason that there are more format options on the project as it is a part of a literary website). However, yesterday (being the air head that I am)I totally spaced the copy+paste part. So, I still haven't missed a day (which is very exciting for me personally), but it will look like I have because I'll be posting two today. Live and learn, I guess. My most profound apologies to my good intentions - I know I hurt you deeply.

Anyway here is yesterday's prompt and prompt response:

Prompt: Lemon chiffon.

Source: None

Response: The gown was such a lovely, happy color - a wonderful lemon chiffon. Lalith fingered the fabric, letting herself linger over the symbol of a rose embroidered onto the chiffon skirt. It was undeniably beautiful. The tiny stitches created a smooth unbroken, swirling pattern.

Lalith closed her eyes and imagined a star in its place. The image was comforting, but all too fleeting.

A door slammed behind her and Lalith jumped. She knew what the voice would sound like before he spoke. She braced herself against the deep, disconcerting tone.

"Just put it on," The voice still made her jump, despite her preparations.

Lalith knew what he would look like before she saw him and she shuddered as he brushed a hair to the side of her neck. He circled her, taking a seat on the floor before her. His amber eyes beneath his navy mask grabbed her attention instantly, as they always did. "Put it on."

Lalith's colorless lips trembled as she spoke. "The sign isn't right."

His jaw clenched and his nostrils flared in anger. "Put. It. On. Now."

Shaking slightly, Lalith did as she was told. The chiffon felt like sand blowing against her skin - rough and wrong - but the feeling of his eyes on her back raised goose bumps over her entire body.

Notes: This piece is from my project The Plague Master (

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