Monday, May 24, 2010


Prompt: Take someone's final words (be sure to say who) and use them as the first sentence of a 100 word paragraph.

Source: None. "Last Words", Janos Arany, Wikipedia.

Response: What is the time? Never mind, it's not important. Perhaps it never was. But somehow I find myself curious, yet unwilling to know the time. It's not important. Really. It's not. In reality does it matter if the sun just came up or if the sun is setting? Not really. It's not important. It won't matter if I walked the dog at precisely 9:15 or if I waited until 10:30. Certainly, it won’t matter to anyone else. The only way it has the chance to gain any purpose is if I care and I’m just not sure I do anymore.

Notes: She pens as she checks the clock to be certain she isn't late for Physics class . . .

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