Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Silent Hallway

Prompt: "The hallway was silent . . ."


Response: The hallway was silent - as still as a disconcertingly glittered, snow-locked morning. All I could hear was my heartbeat in my ears and behind my eyes, but even that sounded distant. Skin crawling, I walked past the unlit doorways. I strained to hear footsteps, but there were no sounds aside from my racing heart. As I travelled the corridor, I felt the awful knowledge that I had missed my only shot to track down Israfiel sink into my bones. It made them ache.

Note: This is a variant piece of my current project Guardians ( - which incidentally also has an alternate ending entered in the A Good Ending webook challenge (

Also, I really need to not make posting prompts during the itty-bitty wee hours of the morning a habit of mine . . . Day two! Woo-hoo!

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