Sunday, May 23, 2010


Prompt: Write a scene containing a protagonist who is a demon hunter who wants nothing more than to get out alive and fate as an antagonist.


Response: I could hear my own breathing like the sound of a train derailing - a screeching, discordant melody of terror - and though I had been in tens of thousands of similar situations, I felt a fear unlike any I had known. I was accustomed to simple experiences that elicited no special emotion or reaction and I was ill-prepared to deal with the terror that had overtaken me. I found myself clutching my gun rather than wielding it - cowering behind an over-turned table instead of lying in wait - struggling to control myself rather than gauging the situation. I felt out of my element - a feeling that was nauseously nostalgic, neurotically repugnant. It was the feeling of a child facing a nightmare, not a feeling that should be felt by a battle-worn Hunter.

But then again, I was facing no ordinary foe. Seeing him had pushed the air from my lungs like a kick to my stomach - the dark, somehow familar, figure sent a flurry of emotions I could not even relate to coursing through my veins. Every Hunter knew of him - even normal humans knew of him - how could they not? Is there anyone who hasn't been screwed over by Fate or at the very least wondered what the heck he was doing to their lives?

I peeked around the edge of the table and my heart almost stopped. Fate was crouched down, his hand on the edge of the table to steady himself. His face was inches from mine - his eerily, unnaturally bright eyes inches from mine. He smiled and those disturbingly bright eyes turned up at the edges.

I couldn't move. Fate reached out a hand and brushed his fingers over my cheekbone. His voice was like the wind blowing against a thin window - chilling. Bone chilling. "I knew your dad."

I knew then that I was dead and all I wanted was the slightest chance I could get away. And I knew there was no chance of that.

Notes: This is an alternate part of my Guardians project ( which is an angels/demons/demon hunters/thingy.

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