Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Color Week: Chartreuse Politics

Prompt: Chartreuse.

Source:None. Chartreuse (found through Google):

Response: Politics

Dana ran her electric-blue fingernails through a patch of hair, separating the newly-dyed strands. She stared at the hair overshadowing her eyes intently before she turned to her best friend, lifting a single strand. "What color would you call that, Julia?"

The two boys sitting across the room on the couch answered before Julia had a chance to raise her eyes from the book she was reading.

"It's a lovely, warm urine color." Trevor teased.

"No way," Matthew disagreed. "It's bright, irritating neon green. Who pees green?"

Julia and Dana glared at them with identical contemptuous expressions. The boys grinned innocently. Despite the differences in their appearances - Trevor was Korean and Matthew was as pale as they come with strawberry blond hair - their not-so-innocent smiles looked practically identical.

"Are either of you named Julia? No. Didn't think so." Julia looked at the newly colored sections of Dana's blond hair contemplatively, twirling a strand of her own black curls. "I'd call it chartreuse."

Dana looked up at the peripheral hair laying over her forehead pensively. "Chartreuse . . . Yeah . . . You know, I could put in some dark green pieces next and razor cut the ends. That'd look good, right?" She looked for her best friend's approval, ignoring the eavesdropping boys entirely.

Matthew cut in before Julia could form a properly enthusiastic response. "If your goal is to look like a piece of broccoli."

"Or a palm tree." Trevor added.

"Oh shut up," Dana said, her cheeks coloring in frustration. If she had been a cartoon she would have had smoke pouring from her ears and her teeth would have become fangs as she stared down the boys.

Julia dutifully assumed an excited expression. "I think it would look good - kind of punk."

"A punk palm tree maybe," Trevor snorted, ignoring Dana completely, prompting a burst of laughter between the two boys.

"Ugh, can't you guys ever take anything seriously?" Dana stomped out of the room.

After a second, Julia folded down the corner of the page she was on and brushed her dark hair behind her ear. She rolled her eyes at the boys. "Nice one, retards."

Outside of the living room, Dana looked at Julia worriedly. "Do I really look like a palm tree?"

Julia looked at her best friend's skinny, boyish figure, tanned skin and newly green-blond hair. She smiled and lied, "Not at all - the boys are just being stupid."

In the living room, Trevor leaned back on the couch, his laughter dying down. "You know the best thing about palm trees?"

Matthew grinned. "They're hot."


Notes: In case anyone was wondering, I think classes should be offered on boys. (And I suspect there are boys who feel the same but opposite)

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