Friday, June 4, 2010

Color Week: Hues of Indigo

Prompt: "Suddenly before my eyes hues of indigo arise."

Source: Paint the Sky With Stars by Enya. Indigo (found through Google):

Response: Hues of Indigo

All the clouds are in the sun

as suddenly

before my eyes hues of

indigo arise

disclaiming the gray

and amber skies

and solar-powered. Railroad ties

crossing the country like

notebook paper lines or cross-stitch

sampler patterns

of charcoal and gold -

All the children collect box-tops

in Ziploc bags

shining with the smell of

warm plastic

surrounded by the perforated

and pop-up skyline

and mom-approved. Assembly lines

under the ground like

veins of red Kryptonite or labyrinth

rabbit warrens

of shimmer and punctuation -

All the stories are in the wind

as ocean water

begins to surface rainbows of

spilling oil

spreading the lavender

and emerald slick

and machine-washable. Silk ties

kept in the box like

rows of porcelain girls or striped

candy ribbon

of heliotrope and green.

Notes: Unfortunately, my computer's operating system is in dire need of repair (or I risk losing all my files and my system forever) so my computer use is currently limited to whatever time I can scrounge on the family computer (not much). What does that mean to you? Not much, but I'm going to be very hard pressed the next couple days to get prompts out - so if I miss you'll know why.


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