Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Short and Sweet Week: They Once Were Wild

Prompt: Use the following image and title for a piece of flash fiction: They Once Were Wild. (100-110 words)

Source: (for a little bit of the history of flash fiction and such see:

Response: They Once Were Wild

They grasped fingers loosely; plumes of sand faded behind them. They did not speak – a passerby would assume that they knew each other so well it was no longer necessary. They would have been mistaken.

Catherine glanced at Nathan. She wanted to talk, but a comment on the weather would have fallen flat.

They once were wild, she remembered. Like roses growing in beauty and thorns, twining and stabbing each other. Now they were machinery that touched by design.

They slept turned away. Before he woke, Catherine touched Nathan’s curls, remembering the wild rose feeling. Then Catherine left the house, leaving a single set of footprints in the cold sand.

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