Monday, June 14, 2010

What Would You DoooOoo for a Klondike Bar?

Prompt: What did you do for that Klondike bar?

Source: My older younger brother.

Response: What do you mean? Which Klondike bar? Oh . . . This thing. Yeah . . . I, um . . . I found it. Where? Uh, in an abandoned ice cream truck in my backyard. Yeah, I know, how weird, right?

What did I do for it? I don't know what you mean - I just found it.

It is not impossible - It happens sometimes! What did you think they do with old ice cream trucks when they don't want to drive them around anymore? They totally dump them in people's backyards, full of ice cream.

Yeah-huh. Yeah-huh. Yeah-HUH.

No, no, no - don't hit me! Look what you did - it's melting all over my arm.

OK, OK, OK, fine . . . I, um, I ran down the street.

Yes. That's all - I just ran down the street. With . . . a can's worth of worms on my head.

Don't laugh! It was worth it. You just wish you had a Klondike bar.


Notes: I'm not sure exactly what came over me, but now I really want ice cream.

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