Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 26, 2010 - Short and Sweet: The Boy

Prompt: Write a limerick. It's a humorous five line poem with the rhyme scheme of AA BB A. It often starts "There once was a..."


Response: The Boy

There once was dairy farm way out in the wild

and the dairy farm was home to an extraordinary child

He was a biter, that boy, he bit night and day

and when he found something he wanted to bite it could not get away

But when his parents offered a treat, the boy was instantly mild.

Notes: Yeah, so I'm not great at humorous . . . Or at rhyming . . . Oh well. At least it was funny in my head.


  1. So I thought it was boring that nobody ever showed you how they helped them. So my feedback is... Today's prompt!

    There once was a girl with a block
    It was something she just couldn’t knock
    There was nothing to write
    So she came to this site
    And now she thinks that it rocks!

  2. Would it be okay with you if I posted a link here on my Facebook page? I'm hoping someone will end up here if I do.

    Both poems are great.

  3. @Austin Bird Nerd: I am so glad! And your poem rocks :)

    @phoebemurtagh: You never need permission to spread the word about this site - in fact I would really appreciate it.