Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Prompt: I deserve a _____.

Source: creativewritingprompts.com

Response: I deserve an accent. How lame is it to be stuck speaking in a mid-western monotone when there are so many more interesting ways of speaking available? After being born in a middle income, Caucasian family with nothing particularly special about it don't I deserve to have something about me that's interesting?

In fact, maybe everyone deserves an accent. The way we talk says so much about us - makes such an impression on people we meet. The cadence of our voices can take on so many different properties in the minds of those we meet. We instantly become "annoying" or "interesting" or "intelligent" because how we speak. No matter how uneducated you are, if you have a British accent and you're talking to an American, they're likely to believe that you're smart. And if your accent is Southern U.S., you may sound instantly like a hick.

So, yeah, I deserve an accent - something fun and interesting . . . Most importantly interesting because accents are awesome . . . And I deserve some fun.

Notes: I'd like to remind everyone of my disclaimer for the sake of my own sanity (so I don't wonder what everyone is assuming about me and my upbringing from this) - what I write may or may not be factual, autobiographical or accurate and I reserve the right not to say which. Though, I will say, I do wish I had a British or Australian accent . . .

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