Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 29, 2010 - Into the Ocean

Prompt: Listen to the radio (or put a music player on shuffle) and write down a few of the lyrics from the first song that you hear. Use these lyrics to jump start ideas for a poem or story.

Source: Into the Ocean by Blue October.

Response: Into the Ocean

I want to dive into the waves

under the rushing current

between the frequencies of whale sounds

and float there - between pain

and dreaming

I want to feel the detritus surround me

and hear the sirens song inside me

beneath the waves' crashing

and swim away - away from my nightmares

my empty contentment

I want to see the rain brush the water's surface

and watch sharks watch seals' silhouettes from below

where the sunlight refracts into nothing.

I want to go into the ocean

deep into the ocean.

Unfortunately for my half-formed escape,

I'm nowhere near the beach.

Notes: I cheated a little - I skipped two songs until I found one I could work with. Feel free to do the same.

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