Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dangerous World

Prompt: "It's a dangerous world out there for a toy."

Source: Toy Story 2

Response: I've been hit every day - thrown up against walls, covered in hot soup and cold cereal. I've been nearly drowned and just about suffocated. And yesterday, I had had enough.

I got up early - everyone else was sleeping. The house was quiet, safe-feeling almost. I snuck down the hall. The boards creaked a little.

I went out the dog door, no use in making a racket with the big door.

The street was almost as quiet as the house, but a dog barked as I went past. I jumped, startled.

I was shaky. Dogs scare me - all those big, slobbery teeth. Perfect for ripping, tearing, deconstructing. It also felt so open on the street. I was used to the house - confining walls, familiar scenes. The wind blew through the shrubbery and raised goosebumps on my arms.

A slamming sound made me jump - literally. I was confused, scared.

A car rushed by and I turned back, diving through the dog door.

I walked back up the hall and climbed back into my girl's bed, snuggling against her warm torso. The little fingers grabbed me reflexively - just a little too tight.

I laid there, enjoying the quiet of the house before the frenzy of the day and I wondered . . . How do her parents deal with her all day?

Notes: Anyone going to see Toy Story 3? I am! Not for a while, but I won't miss it for anything.

I am back, only slightly worse for wear physically, and lots better off spiritually. Gotta love church youth activities - especially ones where you get all dirty and companionable.

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