Saturday, June 5, 2010

Color Week: UFO Green

Prompt: Incorporate this line into a story: "His eyes were UFO green"

Source: None. UFO green (found through Google):

Response: The Girl Obsessed With Aliens

He suited his suit which suited him so sweetly. His eyes were UFO green beneath his computer programmer glasses and the slight sheen of sweat that specked his bespectacled brow. Hot it was, the heat rising like super-luminous jets from the computers, but the slight sheen of his light sweat in his suiting suit was rather becoming, juxtaposed as it was with his eyes of UFO green.

His fingers flew over the keyboard's keys and she could not help thinking how heroic his flitting fingers looked as they protruded from his suit cuffs to fly across the keys. The light off the screen - like the shine of a distant star - reflected in rays off his glasses causing him to squint as he gazed into the depths of the binary sea displayed.

She thought his suit so very suiting as she watched his fingers in warp speed on the keys.

All it is missing, thought she, is a belt to strap a blaster on - that'd suit him indeed.

He looked up frankly - startling her from her fantasy reverie - his brow furrowing though he smiled ever so sweetly. "Looks like it'll be ok," He touched the machine as she sighed with relief.

He extended his hand, "I'm Jim, by the way."

"Jean," she breathed.

She could not help but inwardly swoon as they talked of nothing - the price of computer parts and the economy's state - and everything - the wonders of technology. How could she doubt that he felt the same as she as he laid a hand on her shoulder near the door and said, really quite huskily, "Come back tomorrow, Jean, and I'll have it ready for you."

She retreated in her suburban to the suburbs to the mother ship of gray trim and trimmed hedglings, thinking all the while of Jim and how well a blaster would have suited him. She washed the dishes the washer wouldn't and ate something she would never hope to remember later.

She saw him - like a hologram - in his oh-so-suitable suit as she dressed in her cadet uniform for bed. Sitting before the monitor of her back-up computer she sighed breathily at the thought of his eyes beneath his glasses - of their perfect UFO green.

Logging in, she sailed away, leaving her mother ship in the suburbs of gray. She greeted her companions with giddiness and ease. Late into the night the girl sat and the girl obsessed with aliens over her newfound fling with the human Jim.

Notes: Aw . . . Nerd love. This is what's known as prose poetry and I'm not sure how it became what it is - it sort of appeared that way. Hopefully I didn't reveal too much of my intergalactic side which (while not very big) is far far too geeky for company. The fact that it's roasting hot here probably added in more than its fair share as well.

Wasn't sure there would even be a computer I could write this on today . . . My computer is still out of commission but I'm hopeful that it won't be that way for long. Blerg.

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