Friday, June 11, 2010

Don't Say Yes

Prompt: The love of your life is getting married to someone else. In a last-ditch attempt to win the love of your life back, you bust into the wedding and profess your love mid-ceremony. Start your story with the line, "Don't say yes!"


Response: "Don't say yes!" I knew I was a mess - sleepless, restless eyes and unwashed clothes. I knew it so well that I didn't bother to look at the other people in the building - just at him.

He looked stunned. I wasn't sure why, after all, I had told him that I would do everything to stop him.

The little blond Cruella Devil next to him just looked furious.

"Please, don't say yes- I'm begging you." I stumbled to the front of the church, toward him, toward my love . . . My love. "We can make it work. I'll give it all up - the late nights - animorphic characters. I'll even give up writing altogether, just don't marry her. Please,"

His best man - a guy I didn't recognize - stepped in front of him, almost like he was trying to protect him. Protect him from what? I wondered. Certainly not from me.

I pushed the guy aside - he felt light, almost weightless. I shoved Bridezilla away. She tripped over her train and sprawled down the aisle.

"Don't say yes," I touched his shoulder, reached out to stroke his hair. He shied away from me. He looked almost scared. I grabbed his arm. "Don't say yes, please - I'll give it up, I will. Everything."

He stared at me. "Who are you?"

I frowned. I touched his cheek and he flinched. "Please, love, please,"

Someone grabbed my arm, pulled me away. They were talking to me - some screaming, some murmuring comfort - but I couldn't hear them. I screamed - my throat vibrating yaw.

He looked away from me and I couldn't help but scream. And they pulled me away - dragged me outside. I rubbed my palms on my hospital gown, my bare cut feet throbbed with my running, scrambling fervor.

Dr. Gillin stood with me, arms around me outside the church. "Honey, you didn't know him. Let's go back - let's go home, honey, it's all right."

Back in the hospital, inside my little white walls, and I screamed myself hoarse and deaf and I cried. I cried for my love and his new wife.

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