Monday, June 7, 2010

Color Week: Isabelline

Prompt: A child named Isabelline.

Source: None. Isabelline (found through Wikipedia):

Response: Lillian held Boggart close to her body, her hands shaking. The python bobbed fretfully, feeling the trembling of his master.

"I'm sorry," Lillian whispered, stroking the snake almost as one would a dog. "I'm just nervous."

Using her hand that was not weighed down by the yellow python, Lillian adjusted the sequined costume that Sidney had found in the circus props. It was tight against her thighs, the fringe in constant movement against her skin - a disconcerting brush of unfamiliarity.

"Time to go," A performer she did not yet know tapped her shoulder.

Quivering, Lillian entered the tent. It looked different from the back - the side without the posters of the fat lady and the mermaid and the doll family. There weren't any posters of her yet, but she could hear the announcer - the barker, she remembered - calling out the freaks as she stood worriedly on her platform.

Lillian took a deep breath as she heard the barker call her out: "From the polar ice cap, where skin stays as white as snow, Isabelline the Snake Charmer,"

Lillian closed her eyes for a moment. "Isabelline. Isabelline."

She lifted Boggart above her head as the spectators started filing in and smiled mysteriously as the python wound down her arm.

Notes: This is an idea from my next project - a novella entitled Sideshow. I'd post a URL, but nothing has been written in it yet so there's not really a point. However, it is important to note that because the project is set in the 1940's and 50's, it is not neccessarily politically correct and that no disrespect or offense is meant by it.

So ends Color Week . . .

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