Sunday, June 27, 2010

Short and Sweet Week: Mr. Adamson

Prompt: Time yourself - you get 60 seconds to write about the word below. Don't think, just write.


Source:June 27th's prompt.

Response: She watched him from her window - the peculiar little form of Mr. Adamson. He walked, stoop-backed, but proud as a male peacock attempting to impress females. She knew if she could have seen his face, she would observe a tired, grizzled visage.

Notes: So ends Short and Sweet Week . . . Well, I am staying at my cousin's and they don't have wireless Internet so I am somewhat restricted in my writing time, but I will try not to miss. However, we will be at a family reunion FAR out of Internet range for the next four days, so those prompts will hopefully be up today . . .

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