Thursday, June 24, 2010

Short and Sweet Week: Love From, Your Secret Admirer

Prompt: Write a diamante (a poem in the shape of a diamond. Line one: your topic, line two: two adjectives about your topic, line three: three -ing verbs about your topic, line four: four nouns or a short phrase linking your first and last lines, line five: three -ing verbs about your last line, line six: two adjectives about your last line, line seven: a synonym or antonym of your first line) about a criminal.

Source: None.

Response: Love From, Your Secret Admirer

Notes: In case you're wondering about the lovely blue line around my poem and where you might get one yourself - I had to put it in as a picture because Blogger doesn't do diamonds.

I will be driving all day tomorrow and most likely out of internet service the day after (I'm going to my cousin's wedding) so those prompts are coming up . . . right after this.

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