Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 18, 2010 - Taffy

Prompt: Saltwater Taffy

Source: None.

Response: Keelia struggled with the broken lock - rattling it in frustration. The groceries in one of the rustling paper bags migrated upward with the movement, spilling over the porch.

Keelia swore violently, thumping the remaining groceries to the wooden floor. She kicked the door and the lock popped open. Keelia gathered the food haphazardly, lugging it inside.

After putting the cans and fruit and packages away, Keelia stretched her back. It was bothering her again - panging with sore and pinched muscles. She went into the living room and surveyed the mess that she had left when she went to do errands.

Keelia collapsed to the couch and reached into her pocket. The candy was soft from the heat, but as the taffy stuck to her teeth and filled her mouth with the peppermint flavor, she decided that even chocolate could not compare.

Notes: This is probably the most autobiographical thing I've written for this project - our door knob on the front door is messed up, it's hot, I'm stressed, everything that's my responsibility is a mess and taffy makes everything slightly better . . .

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